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Queen's University is situated on the territories of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples. We at the DSC recognise issues faced by Indigenous communities both past and present and endeavour to make our spaces inclusive to people of all different backgrounds and worldviews.

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Home to the Queen's University History DSC

We're thrilled you’re here! Members of the Queen's University History Department Student Council have worked hard to create an inclusive and diverse DSC, and therefore we have decided to open up our blog to student submissions. We hope that The Watson becomes a space in which History students can celebrate their interests with passion and enthusiasm, where we can connect with each other in a new way. 

Student submissions can be emailed to

Further details are found under Submit.

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Indigenous Figures within History

By: Melanie Escobar-Echeverria Saturday, September 30th, marks the third annual Truth and Reconciliation Day, and it begs the question of...

Lying About History

By: Ethan Chan In Plato’s Republic, he said that in the ideal society it would be necessary for leaders to use deception or useful...

Historians and Propaganda

By: Isra Henson As discussed in the previous blog post, historians must be careful when studying and writing about historical events. All...

On the Great Man Theory of History

What is the Great Man Theory of History? How has it been articulated? What are the assumptions inherent to it?

Australia’s History Wars

By: Ethan Chan In our current political climate, I always hear the words ‘woke’ and ‘political correctness’ being thrown about. These...

The Sixties Scoop

By: Melanie Escobar This month’s blog theme revolves around Indigenous history, and the Sixties Scoop is an important topic within that...

Remembrance Day

Today, the observance of Remembrance Day involves more than just remembering the soldiers who died in the First World War.

Uncovering Dracula

Ethan, Melanie, and Isra Happy Halloween, everyone! In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to include some historical context of the...

2022-2023 Co-President Introduction

Welcome back to Queen’s, history students! Our names are Dillon and Isobel and we’re excited to be the co-presidents of the History...

The Origins of April Fools' Day

The exact origins of April Fools’ Day are a mystery. Everyone knows today as a day that people play pranks, jokes and create elaborate...

“Why History?"

By Kai Siallagan If you’re anything like many history students, you’ve probably heard the question “why history?” This question takes on...

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