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Queen's University is situated on the territories of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples. We at the DSC recognise issues faced by Indigenous communities both past and present and endeavour to make our spaces inclusive to people of all different backgrounds and worldviews.

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Home to the Queen's University History DSC

We're thrilled you’re here! Members of the Queen's University History Department Student Council have worked hard to create an inclusive and diverse DSC, and therefore we have decided to open up our blog to student submissions. We hope that The Watson becomes a space in which History students can celebrate their interests with passion and enthusiasm, where we can connect with each other in a new way. 

Student submissions can be emailed to

Further details are found under Submit.

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Remembrance Day and the end of WWI

By Alex Wodzicki Remembrance Day, which we celebrated this Wednesday, is one of Canada’s most important holidays. It commemorates the...

A Collection of Fun History Resources

Hey everyone! As History students we’re blessed to be absolutely inundated with History content on every conceivable platform. There is...

The History of Grave Robbing in Kingston

By: Chloe Fine As a city known to have several supposedly haunted hotspots, it is unsurprising that Kingston has some rather spooky...

The History of Political Leaders' Debates

By Alex Wodzicki The raucous first debate of the 2020 US presidential election, held on September 29th in Cleveland, was a prime example...

The History of Pandemics at Queen's

By: Chloe Fine For the past few weeks Queen’s students have been settling into remote schooling as most campus activity remains shut down...

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